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The core discipline of Orell Füssli Security Printing is the creation of banknotes.


Banknotes are a country’s most prominent „ambassadors“. They make the first impression on visitors, and for the country’s inhabitants they are a very important everyday symbol of its identity. They reflect a nation’s character by depicting the people and features that make it unique: its outstanding personalities, cultural heritage, nature, etc.


When we create a banknote, we ensure that the things they stand for – value and identity – are clear and unforgettable.


A banknote’s value and identity are based on its uniqueness and security. As manufacturers of Switzerland’s banknotes – currently considered the most secure in the world – as well as other foreign denominations, we set the standard in this area. We master creative ways of combining and integrating security technologies and security elements with the design of the features that symbolize a country’s attitudes.


As one of the world’s leading suppliers of highly secure banknotes we offer the full range of services, from basic concept and design, to the security technologies, security printing and life-cycle management. A close-knit team of specialists steer the entire process from start to finish. This is how we achieve new levels of uniqueness and security.