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Kinegram Volume

Unique optical effect for maximum security: Kinegram Volume is a unique product, which was developed in close cooperation with the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing (OFS). Based on the proprietary KINEGRAM origination process, it is created by laser technology. The vibrantly coloured, highly prominent images can only be seen at narrow angles when tilting the note, otherwise they remain invisible. This sets the feature apart from any other security foil in the banknote industry. The “on-off” optical effect of KINEGRAM VOLUME is extremely easy to understand and to use, while at the same time virtually impossible to counterfeit. 

  • standalone feature in the banknote industry
  • certified by experts, extremely high anti-counterfeiting security 
  • highly appreciated by central banks for its distinct visual expression and ease of public education


This feature is produced in copperplate printing and uses a 3D relief. If the banknote is observed from a narrow angle, symbols are seen in the printed picture which cannot be seen with the naked eye when looking directly at the note. Depending on the tilted angle, various symbols will be visible in lighter or darker colours. The special feature of TwinTilt is that two different symbols are hidden in the printed picture. The security effect means that this cannot be reproduced by scanning or printing.

Twin Tilt_01
View 0 degrees
Twin Tilt_02
View 45 degrees
Twin Tilt_03
View 90 degrees
Twin Tilt_04
View 135 degrees


With Microperf, Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing has reached a new level of highly efficient security. The Microperf security feature is an optically variable security device (OVD) which we invented and developed specially for banknotes. It is patent-protected. The Microperf security feature is burned into the banknotes by a high-power laser directly during the production process. The produced samples can be recognised simply and quickly with the naked eye through microscopic perforations (hence Microperf), when you hold the note against a source of light or in front of a light background.

Popular Microperf is part of the first security level for banknotes. It is very popular with the public, just like the security thread.
Suitable for every day In everyday situations, the Microperf feature can be recognised quickly and reliably by the general public as well as experts, such as cashiers.
Flexible Microperf is very flexible. It can be integrated into each new banknote design and can also be used to increase protection in existing banknotes.
Combinable Microperf can very easily be combined with other technologies to generate a comprehensive security system: all security printing substrates (cotton, polymer, hybrids) as well as offset printing, intaglio printing and other OVD elements are compatible with Microperf.
Durable Microperf is the only optical security feature whose quality lasts for the whole lifespan of the banknote, even under extreme conditions. In addition, it can be checked very easily by banknote sorting systems.
Forgery-proof Microperf is very robust against forgeries. It is very difficult to imitate the oval holes of various sizes. No copy or printing process can produce holes. Holes cannot be recognised by copiers and scanners.
Cost-efficient Microperf security features are cost-effective to produce. If the perforation equipment is available, there are practically no further costs.
Integratable Microperf systems can either be integrated into existing printing machines or operated as stand-alone machines. Leading mechanical engineering company in security printing, KBA-NotaSys, offers both variants.

Microperf technology
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