Security Technologies

Modern and high value security features

Security features must fulfil higher and higher demands. Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing achieves this with innovative high-tech solutions and the creative combination of design and security features. The high-quality, modern production techniques and an unusual quality awareness are the basis for perfect products tailored to suit customer requirements. To better protect banknotes, identification and security documents against forgeries and changes, we are continually developing new security features. Current examples are, among others TwinTilt and the Microperf range.

Secure banknotes – without any compromise

The supreme discipline in the development of banknotes is security. Only reliable protection creates sustainable trust in a payment method. There should be no compromises. For over 100 years, Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing has been committed to ensuring that banknotes are equipped with the necessary strong and durable security features. We adapt our production processes to suit the protection of each individual banknote. Each country has different demands for security features and their specific characteristics which must be paired up with the interactive design elements. The features of a banknote must meet the challenges of cash circulation. At the same time, technical advancements in forgery attempts are ongoing. Whether watermarks, threads, foil, transparent windows, machine-readable or printed security features: Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing combines the various high-tech solutions on the banknote to form effective protection. Effective also means: people should be able to recognise the features quickly and check the authenticity of a note in a simple manner, and machines should be able to reliably capture features designed with machines in mind.