We are experts in excellent, technologically demanding security printing and setting new standards.

Pioneers through innovation

Throughout its 500-year existence, Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing has created new innovations again and again. The company is known worldwide for its innovative use of printing processes and technologies. Thanks to its extensive experience, Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing is a pioneer in precision, aesthetics and quality. Our experts continually keep a close eye on the technology market to recognise application possibilities of new security technologies early on. Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing helps to shape these trends, develops new applications and offers exclusive customer solutions.

  • Sets the pace in security printing
  • Offers exclusive customer solutions
  • Develops security features and new technologies
  • Sets trends due to intensive activities in research and development


1519 Founded by the book printer Christoph Froschauer
1603 Introduction of intaglio printing
1826 First printed security documents
1827 First printed bonds
1843 Printing of the “Zurich 4”, the first stamp in Europe and the second stamp series in the world
1880 Development of the 10-colour photo chromic process (asphalt photo lithography, also known as Orell Füssli printing)
1911 First printed Swiss banknotes for the Swiss National Bank
1923 Introduction of copperplate printing
1923 First printed banknotes for export
1959 Printed the Swiss passport
1970 Invention of the Hedopra engraving process for the 6th series of Swiss banknotes
1973 Production of all 6th series Swiss banknotes
1982 Swiss National Bank purchases 33% of Orell Füssli shares
1994 Launch of the 8th series of Swiss banknotes
2003 First commercial polymer printer besides NPA
2003 Machine-readable Swiss-passport
2006 Launch of the Swiss e-passport
2008 Start of developing the 9th series of Swiss banknotes
2014 Development and production of the new range of banknotes with boutique character
2015 Launch of the new 50 franc note of the 9th series of Swiss banknotes
2016 Design and printing of the 100 ngultrum commemorative note for Bhutan

Story of innovation

1992 Complete restructuring and modernisation of the banknote printers for the digital design of the 8th series of Swiss banknotes
1993 NotaSave partner for tests
1993 First use of 5-colour intaglio
1994 Development of Microperf® (laser)
1998 Creation of completely digitalised banknotes
2004 Co-development of CTP (computer to plate) with Lüscher AG
2014 Introduction of the 10-colour offset machine
2015 Introduction of the new CTP
2015 Introduction of the new screen printing machine SPARK®live
2017 Installation of the new Finishing X9, combined with CutLinkX