Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing focuses on innovative and highly secure printing processes.

Unique and customised solutions

Printed substrate acquires its worth thanks to the techniques used by its producer and his level of experience and knowledge. The end product becomes unique through the various steps and techniques used in the production process in combination with exclusive design reflecting the identity of the customer. An intimate understanding of the customer and comprehensive product knowledge enable Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing to develop custom security documents which strengthen the customer’s image and guarantees authenticity and uniqueness.

”Art is the servant of nature, genius and talent are the assistants of art.”
Johann Heinrich Füssli (1741–1825), Swiss publicist, artist and writer

Since its foundation in 1519, Orell Füssli has developed, printed and supplied security documents. The argument that functionality and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive continue to lead us to this day to create aesthetically appealing and artistically convincing products. The interplay of technology and aesthetics, combined with a wide variety of printing techniques, guarantees a high level of protection against forgery and a valuable combination of form and function.

All our products – whether banknotes, certificates or visas – are produced under the strictest of security measures, from raw material via supply, through the various stages of production stages and up to distribution and delivery.

An overview of our strengths
  • 500 years of experience
  • Customised solutions, exclusive and unique
  • Aesthetics and value
  • Indenpendence
  • Single source responsibility