Goodbye Dr. Anton Bleikolm

Goodbye Dr. Anton Bleikolm

After seven years of membership in the Board of Directors of Orell Füssli Group, the time has come to say goodbye to Dr. Anton Bleikolm.

Let us say how privileged we feel to have had the opportunity to have Dr. Bleikolm guiding Orell Füssli all these years. From the seven years, he served four as a Chairman and largely contributed to Orell Füssli’s success with his wise counsel and advice. Dr. Bleikolm is an icon in the banknote industry having worked in various leading roles in the world of security printing. 

As a thank you, Orell Füssli handed over a “Dr. Bleikolm Banknote”, designed and printed only for him.

Dr. Martin Folini took over Dr. Anton Bleikolm’s role as Chairman in May 2021. A warm welcome and the best of success!