Banknote of the year

The new 50 franc note of the Swiss National Bank SNB has won the exclusive award “Banknote of the Year 2016” from the International Bank Note Society IBNS.

In 2016, 120 new banknotes were produced worldwide, including the Swiss 50 franc note which was selected by the IBNS as banknote of the year 2016. Also in the running for the coveted award were the 1000 rufiyaa note from the Maldives, the 500 peso note from Argentina, the first Scottish polymer note, the 5 pound note of the Royal Bank of Scotland.More than 20 years have gone by since the last issue from the SNB. The 50 franc note is the first of six new notes from the 9th series of banknotes that Orell Füssli Security Printing is producing for the SNB. The new series presents the versatility of Switzerland, coming from various elements. The 50 franc note’s main element is wind and it shows the adventurous side of Switzerland. On the other banknotes, the elements time, light, water, matter, and language are portrayed. The light green, vertical 50 franc note, produced with the substrate Durasafe® technology, displays dandelion seeds, a paraglider in front of mountain peaks, and a hand. It is a little smaller than US banknotes and the first Durasafe® note to win the coveted IBNS banknote prize. We can't wait to see the other 9th series notes.