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Microperf Standard Image

Microperf is an optically variable security device (OVD), which we have developed especially for banknotes. The device is protected by patents.

Microperf is made by means of a special laser perforation technology not previously used in banknote manufacturing. The patterns created by these microscopic perforations (Microperf), are easily and quickly verifiable by holding the banknote up to the light.

Microperf has a number of very special characteristics.

It fulfils the highest standards set by the Currency Issuing Authority for security features.

  • As a first level feature, it is popular with the general public
  • In everyday situations Microperf notes can be quickly and simply verified by the layman or by professional cash managers.

Microperf is very flexible and can be integrated easily into any banknote design, including as an upgrade on existing notes.

Microperf can easily be combined with other technologies to create a security system: substrate (paper or polymer), offset printing, intaglio printing and OVD can all be perforated.

Microperf is the only optical security device that loses absolutely none of its characteristics throughout the lifecycle of a banknote, even under extreme conditions. Furthermore, it can easily be checked by banknote sorting machines.

Microperf is highly counterfeit-proof. The different-sized oval laser holes are extremely hard to imitate. No copying or printing process can reproduce the perforations, and even high-performance copiers and scanners cannot detect them.

Microperf comes at an attractive price because once the perforating equipment is in place there are virtually no further consumables costs.

The manufacturing technology for Microperf can be integrated into existing equipment or set up as a separate machine.
KBA-NotaSys is the supplier for both options.