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Microperf Latent Image

The Microperf Latent Image combines two Microperf patterns, one hidden within the other. Production requires a special laser perforation technology.

How to see the Latent Microperf Image

In a Latent Microperf Image the first, unhidden Microperf pattern is visible when the banknote is held up against a light source. The second or hidden Microperf pattern, concealed in the same place, only appears when the note is tipped backwards from the vertical.

A new level of security

With the Latent Microperf Image, Orell Fussli Security Printing Ltd is breaking new ground by creating an unprecedented level of efficient high-security.

Extremely counterfeit-proof

The Latent Microperf Image is distinguished by its very high degree of security against counterfeiting. The specially shaped holes used to produce the optical effect cannot be made by mechanical means or by conventional laser equipment. Forgeries can be identified easily and unequivocally. No high performance copiers or scanners can detect the perforations that make up either the primary or the hidden Microperf image.

Important characteristics

Microperf can be checked with ease, it is popular and it requires a special manufacturing technology. These essential characteristics mean that the Latent Microperf Image fulfils the highest standards set by the Currency Issuing Authority. As with standard Microperf, it is easy to integrate into a design, even as an upgrade for an existing banknote. It can be combined with other features to build a security system. A Latent Microperf Image survives the daily handling of banknotes and can be produced cost-effectively.