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Driver's Licenses

Like all travel documents, driver's licenses have to meet two important requirements. They need to be easily and quickly identifiable, and they need to be highly secure. The specialists at Orell Fussli Security Printing Ltd are familiar with all the complex facets of driver's license projects. We know the worldwide standards and have access to a reliable network of experts in this area. Working with designers who are also security technology specialists, we guarantee high security and realise the design using our proprietary software.

But we do more than create unique and secure cards and documents. As a system provider we specialize in the personalisation and issuing of documents for the entire road traffic licensing department. In other words, we supply solutions for data management (order forms, data entry, data recording, picture editing) and provide the required hard and software, but also take care of turnkey installations, including setting up the machines and organizing the training of local operators.

As a specialist in security technology, security printing and turnkey installations we can offer our clients all the services they need from a single source.