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The truth about counterfeit money

Counterfeit Swiss Francs and Euros in Switzerland
(Counterfeit money confiscated by the Swiss federal authorities)

Swiss Francs
Counterfeit Swiss Francs:
2009: approx. 4'900 banknotes
2008: 3'059 banknotes (CHF 478'830)
2007: 2'854 banknotes (CHF 303'564)
2006: 2'575 banknotes (CHF 384'500)
2005: 5'697 (CHF 1'470'000) banknotes
96 coins
2004: 7’938 (CHF 4’122’050) banknotes
339 (CHF 440) coins
2003: 20’974 (CHF 18’032’570) banknotes
553 (CHF 1’440) coins

Counterfeit Euros
2009: 860'000 Euro banknotes
2008: 666'000 Euro banknotes
2007: 561'000 Euro banknotes
2006: 565'000 Euro banknotes
2005: 579'000 Euro banknotes
2004: 594'000 Euro banknotes
2003: 543'000 Euro banknotes

In 2006 the following counterfeit technologies were applied:
Colour copies 271 banknotes (CHF 102'590)
Ink jet printer 2'282 banknotes (CHF 279'310)

As a comparison the data for 2004:
Traditional printing 8 banknotes (CHF 250)
Colour copies 1322 banknotes (CHF 1'145'100)
Ink jet printer 4'256 banknotes (CHF 630’130)
Facsimile *) 2'351 banknotes (CHF 2'344'300)

*) Facsimile: mostly offset printed counterfeit banknotes with the
"Fac simile - falso" or "specimen" designation printed on (!)
Refer to the webpage of Swiss Fedpol "Rip deal" (page in German language)

Most of the people caught handling forged money are criminals, some of whom may themselves have been cheated when selling drugs; but there are also innocent victims who have accepted forgeries because they are not familiar enough with their currency.

Most counterfeit banknotes are now produced using laser or inkjet printers.

US$ forgeries
Within the USA, the most forged note is the 20 dollar bill; internationally, it is the 100 dollar bill. As in all industrial nations, the number of confiscations of US$ forgeries created using PCs and ink-jet printers, has increased since 1996. Most of the counterfeits confiscated in the USA are found at restaurants.

In 2003 the US Central Bank started to introduce a new series of banknotes that incorporate modern security features. To make it easier to distinguish between the different denominations, the notes in the new series are no longer being printed only in green and black, but use a variety of colors.

(Source: Fedpol statistics 2006 and European Central Bank 2006)