International Banknote Designers Association IBDA

The IBDA is an association of banknote designers. It is a non-profit organisation with a fixed management structure and head office in Zurich. The IBDA has developed a strong identity and market presence in the banknote sector. It represents over 250 designers active in the banknote industry, from over 70 different countries. The IBDA works at an international level with a high degree of recognisability and market reach. It ensures that the resources of the IBDA are available to all designers, central banks and other companies involved in the design process.


International Association of Currency Affairs IACA

IACA is an international pro-cash association. Member companies are involved in the cash payment cycle, including central banks, issuing authorities, finance ministries, state and commercial printers, state and commercial mints, cash management companies and cash handling suppliers. The IACA works hand in hand with the public and private sectors. The goal is to ensure an international exchange for consultations and cooperation, considering the interests of the various stakeholders in the cash payment cycle:


Intergraf / Security Printers

Intergraf is the European branch association of the printing industry. It works together with the European Union to promote and protect the interests of the printing industry and related branches. Intergraf represents 21 national printing associations in 19 countries. The national members represent a large part of the printing industry in the EU-28 with a total of 120,000 companies and around 630,000 employees. Since 1930, Intergraf has offered a platform to support this creative and dynamic industry. It applies itself to ensuring the maintenance of transnational dialogue between printing associations, as well as with the EU. A special Intergraf team is dedicated to high-security printing. Its main activities lie in organising the Security Printers’ Conference and Exhibition. and


International Currency Association ICA

The currency branch needs a strong voice which speaks in its name worldwide and represents its interests. The International currency Association, founded in 2016, wants to be this important voice of the currency industry. The association identifies and prioritises important research results and best practices to drive innovation forward, which is necessary to keep currency the preferred method of payment and store of value. The ICA supports its members by building up a network of connections and contacts worldwide to promote the exchange of best practices, know-how, and specialist knowledge. For this, it provides virtual as well as real platforms and networks.
Video: The ICA board explains why cash is so important /


BnEI – Banknote Ethics Initiative

The Banknote Ethics Initiative (BnEI) is an initiative which was founded to create ethical business practices. The focus is on the prevention of corruption and the adherence to competition law within the banknote sector. Adherence to high ethical standards in the whole banknote sector is essential to ensure that customers and other interested parties are confident that the standards that we apply to our practices are beyond reproach.